Residential Insurance Claims

What We Do.

Oftentimes, our company is referred by insurance adjusters and agents to a policyholder who has just experienced a damage or loss. Insurance adjusters and agents can trust that Blue Moon will respond quickly with the right tools, equipment, supplies, and manpower to address the policyholder's specific situation, whether it be water damage, fire damage, mold, or some weather-driven loss. We help put minds at ease for the policyholder and the referring insurance adjuster or agent. 

When disaster strikes, there are plenty of tasks ahead. Most homeowners start by contacting their insurance agent or the 800 claims filing phone number to get the process started.  Once our company has been referred to a policyholder, we immediately jump into action, and our team of trained experts works in conjunction to help put the pieces of the policyholder's life back together quickly. Our company works with most major insurance providers to insure maximum allowable coverage to suit the specific type of damage.  Our familiarity with the claims process helps to streamline the process for a fuller faster settlement. 

Ultimately it’s the homeowner's responsibility to prove an insurance claim in order to get compensated for a loss.  By working in conjunction with the insurance adjuster, agent, and policyholder, our process helps eliminate miscommunication or performance of tasks which may not be covered by the policy. 


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